Monday, March 22, 2010

Passion in Writing

I never thought the day would come where I’d have to give up gluten and sugar, but it did. Did I feel sorry for myself? Yes, especially at first. I mean, how could I live without wheat?It’s in practically everything. And sugar was like my best friend.

But this experience was a great learning opportunity for me. I discovered a way to prepare wheat that actually digests gluten so I could tolerate it. Then I learned about natural sugars that were nourishing to the body and more gentle on blood sugars. I decided to just have fun with this new information. I became passionate about creating recipes and sharing with people what I had learned about grains, natural sugars, and whole foods in general and their impact on health. I had to express it somehow. Before I knew it, I was co-authoring a cookbook using whole foods, gluten-digested (sprouted) grains, and natural sugars. This book is available April 1st and is titled The Diet Rebel's Cookbook: Eating Clean and Green.

What does all this have to do with writing? Lots of us feel passionate about something in our lives. Writing, parenting, health, economics, creating, etc. Write down your passions, and bring it into your writing. Feel passionate about your characters. Feel passionate about your plot and subplots, or feel passionate about your topic. A lot of good books were sparked by a passion for something. At the very least it is therapeutic and creates a stronger voice, and at the most, you may end up touching and enriching the lives of others.

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